Carpet Flooring in Ashburn, VA

Carpet Flooring in Ashburn, VA.When you shop with us, you can expect quality service from the moment you step into our showroom. Our sales professionals are here to help you peruse the numerous carpet flooring options we carry. With our dozens of choices, you’re sure to find the carpet flooring that fits your needs in ease of maintenance, looks, performance, and price. Our store has nationwide buying power, which means we can stock more styles and brands than other stores in the area at highly competitive prices. The name-brand carpets we carry can add a significant amount of value to your home.

When deciding on an upgrade, we encourage homeowners to look past their current flooring while seeing their home in a new light. We fix it up with low maintenance styles to match any design aesthetic in both residential and commercial environments. For example, clients may come to us for a comfortable family room setting, or to increase the warmth and welcome of the master bedroom. Our low prices allow you to make a purchase that perfectly matches your needs. Some of the other benefits of having a carpet installation include:

  • Comfort for Adults and Children
  • Improved Appearance of Your Home or Office
  • Potential for Improved Health of Your Visitors or Family
  • Reduced Noise
  • Fewer Slips, Trips, and Falls

What Carpeting Brings to a Room

Anyone wanting warmth, quiet, fewer trips and falls, and a cozy feel will love our carpeting options. Carpet keeps your feet from getting cold in the wintertime and muffles noise so that you enjoy a more relaxing, homey environment. Carpet works in many different spaces, from formal living areas to casual kids’ rooms, and is just as versatile as any other floor. Choose from more colors, fibers, styles, brands, and materials than you can count to get just the one you want. Each piece is soft to the touch and feels wonderful on your feet, making it easy to stand and walk on.

Cleaning is easy too, because our floors are made to last through life’s little accidents. Stains and spills are no problem for our durable models. Routine cleaning is all it takes to keep your carpet looking nice, so you can let your pets and kids roam free and not fret over upturned drinks. We know that for many homeowners, appearance takes a backseat to performance or vice versa, but at our store, we believe you can have both. All you have to do is let us know what kind of durability you need and we’ll be more than happy to help you find it.

We make shopping fun with an enormous showroom full of beautiful flooring. Despite its impressive size, customers can easily locate whatever they’re looking for no matter where they’re at in the process. Veteran home renovators looking for trusted designers can always find them here. Whether you want the durability of Berber carpet or the comfort of wool, you will find the right color and price that includes a significant value on your investment. We’re proud to carry some of the top name-brands in the flooring industry, such as:

  • Stainmaster Carpet
  • Shaw Carpet
  • Resista Carpet
  • Tigressa Carpet
  • Mohawk Carpet

We pride ourselves on being more than simply a carpet store where people buy new flooring. Aside from sales, we’re well-versed in the decoration and installation aspects too. Our professional designers and installers are on hand to offer help whenever you need it. Even if you’re new to flooring renovation and have no idea where to start, we can help you narrow down your choices. We encourage you to bring in any photos or samples of what you like and the type of décor you’re working with so we can help you make your vision come true. Our free in-home estimates make it easy to get exactly what you need and be confident in your choice. Appointments are offered every day of the week so that you can schedule a time that works for you. Expert contractors and flooring specialists take measurements, bring samples to try out, quote you a price, and let you know which options are most viable for the space you have in mind. This way you won’t have to worry about having too much material, not enough, or the wrong kind. That saves you time, headaches, and money too.

Every purchase and service provided by our team of experts is done carefully and with meticulous attention to details. After choosing us for your carpet installation, our team schedules the service at your convenience and then comes to your location on time. We add the carpet to your space only after making sure the subfloor is verified as even and clean. For us, quality installation also involves the proper stretching of the flooring, lining up seams so they are not noticeable, and proper transitioning between rooms. Our installation is fairly priced and done to last. The contractors who work for us know how to put down carpet so that it better insulates your home or office. This cuts down on the amount of energy you have to use, benefitting the environment, your HVAC unit, and your budget. You can’t go wrong when you rely on us to install your carpet.

Other Options for Carpets and Commercial Customers

Carpets aren’t limited to homes and homeowners. There are many commercial carpet options that not only improve the appearance of your office but also create a more cohesive design for the space. In many cases, offices have a tiled entryway and carpeting is added as an afterthought. We can make it the centerpiece of a room. There are materials, patterns, and styles available that are designed to resist stains and withstand high traffic while staying beautiful. Whether you want an elegant or contemporary style, we have the right commercial carpet for you.

An easy accessory to add to your carpet is an area rug, which we can also help you find. The right area rug will transform a room and can be easily switched in and out with your changing design preferences. This is a simple update and quick investment that breathes new life into your space with no waiting period. From big, bold designs to standard color options, reach out to us for an area rug that will add the perfect finishing touch you’re looking for.


To make a decision with confidence, contact us for more information relating to the commercial carpet options we have in our store. We are proud to serve clients in Ashburn, Leesburg, Poolesville, Sterling, and Brambleton, VA, and the surrounding areas.

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